Houston Remodeling Contractors

The most important components of successfully achieving anything is quite simply…planning and preparation.  The same holds true for home remodeling projects.  A proper remodel always involves a mapped out plan that usually includes some of the following;

  • Remodel Plan and DesignDrawings – For larger projects it is not uncommon to have architectural drawings to insure;
    • Exact measurements are all ready taken
    • Any structural issues are accounted for
    • Scale of the remodel is accounted for and makes sense to the owner
  • Scope – The scope will define the plan and necessary components.
    • What types of contractors’ are required (Flooring, Plumbing, Carpentry etc.)
  • Budget – A proper budget needs to be created and adhered to
    • Material – A material list and cost estimate needs to be generated
    • Labor – A labor cost budget needs to be created against the project
    • Audit – A check needs to be done to make sure the labor and selected material accurately represent the job and are projected within the budget. Additionally, all material must always be accounted for
  • Timeline – Have a projected timeline as well as the proper ordering of work to maximize time and efficiency
    • Make sure any and all permits are pulled
    • Hire reputable sub-contractors to do all work
    • Maintain any and all insurance required for your job
    • Set payment milestones for work completed and have subs signed on.
    • Much much more

Houston General Contractors

When you are ready to start your remodeling job, take some time to find the right general contractor to work with. Make sure;

  • They have performed all the types of work you require so they can manage the build-out much more efficiently. How can someone run a kitchen remodeling project if they’ve never;
    • installed countertops
    • purchased granite
    • tiled floors
    • removed and installed backsplash
    • etc.
  • They have references.  Anyone can tell you about how good their work is, make sure you verify it.
    •   Ask for references and phone numbers
    • Ask for pictures
    • look them up online via Google+, BBB, Houzz, Angie’s list etc.
  • They can provide examples of past projects (budgets, timelines, etc.)

Your remodeling project is too important to not get it right the first time.  Powers Remodeling & Fine Floors of Houston is ready to help make your dream a reality…On Time and On Budget.

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